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Karl Johnson writes:
Mr. Kruger came to the U.S. in 1932 to travel the country and cut silhouettes at variouse events including the Chicago World's Fair, the Dallas World's Fair, and both New York World's Fairs. He later settled at an amusement park near Chicago called Riverview Park. An apartment building now stands on the sight. He then moved to California to work as a silhouete artist at a relatively new attraction called Disneyland. His friend, also a silhouette artist, Alex Degonzlar had started the consession there when the park opened in the middle 50's. He was an immigrant from Poland. By the way, Disneyland still has a silhouette studio on Main Street to this day. It was here that Paul Kruger cut Gloria Swansen's portrait. One very interesting story is about a young man named Jess Rubio who started his carreer at Disneyland as a street sweeper. Although not an artist himself, he used to come by the studio and talk with all the artists. He later moved up in management and eventually aquired the artist consession for himself. He would simply hire silhouette artists to work for him and pay them a small commission. He then aquired the artist consession at DisneyWorld in Florida and now is quite wealthy.

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