Charles' Silhouette Collection

As you have seen from these pages, I do have a small but growing collection of old silhouettes. My main interest is in artists who work in a similar manner to myself (ie, by cutting), therefore mostly from the late 19th and early 20th Centuries. Glaring ommissions in my collection include an example of Hubert Leslie's work, and (perhaps optimistically) that of Auguste Edouart. Lack of funds precludes me from collecting the better known 18th century artists!

Perhaps you have an old silhouette or two hanging around. If you do, take my advice and HANG ONTO IT!

If you really don't want to hang onto it, then I'd love to see it. You can use this form to send me some details.

Your name:

Your e-mail address:

Name of artist:
(if known)

Date of work:
(if known)

Name of sitter:
(if known)

Is the subject: Male Female

Is the work: signed? unsigned?

Is the silhouette:
Head & Shoulders only? (ie: a "bust length" silhouette)
Half length? (ie: from the waist or hips up, including the hands and often a prop)
Full length? (ie: including the feet, and often some sort of background)
A "Conversation Peice"? (ie: two or more figure arranged as a group on a background)

Is the work:
Framed in its original frame?
Framed in a more modern frame?

Would you be interested in selling it? Yes No

Where are you?
(Roughly. I just need to know how far I have to travel to see it!)

That's all there is to it. Hit this button and await my reply!

Do you have a photograph of the work? If this is available in digital form you could send it to me as an attachment to an e-mail message. Please only send compressed file formats such as .jpg or .zip files!

Ebay logo (3k gif)

I often look for silhouettes on Ebay. If you're planning on selling a silhouette this way, do let me know, as I'm likely to put in a bid!

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